Street clean up for neighbours day

03:14, May 28 2012
CHIPPING IN: Neighbours from Penton Way in Tahunanui spent last weekend cleaning up their street as part of Neighbours Day.

Residents of Penton Way in Tahunanui got into the spirit of Neighbours Day at the weekend with a little help from Neighbourhood Support Nelson.

Bob and Cay Cockerell and their team of willing workers spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning up overgrown vegetation lining their street and dumping the rubbish in a skip they won as part of a competition run by Neighbourhood Support Nelson. The competition provided prizes for people to hold special events in their neighbourhood as a way of supporting Neighbours Day.

"Things were so overgrown so we applied for the skip to do a big clean-up," Cay said.

"But we needed a bigger skip for all the rubbish so we ordered one and paid for the difference." Cay said Penton Way's Neighbourhood Support group had been running for some time and was a good way of ensuring that "we all helped each other out and kept an eye on one another".

There were eight households in the group and resident Betty Harris said they were all "in the prime of their lives". Nelson has more than 390 Neighbourhood Support groups and co-ordinator Kim MacDonald is keen to see the number grow.