Kids really into horror

00:33, Jun 22 2012
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
GLAMOUR: Ellora Virtue, left, Kate Lovell and Jessica Edwards perform during a dress rehearsal for Nayland College's production of Little Shop of Horrors.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
CHORUS LINE: Flora Lloyd, Racheal Vercoe and Kathrine Gardner-Thorne get in sync on stage.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
GETTING IT RIGHT: Kalena Stosser as Audrey and Daniel Hall as Mushnik performing during a dress rehearsal.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
TOOTH HURTS: Robin McRae, left as Orin and Nicky Marshall as Seymour in the dentists chair.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
TALKING SHOP: Olivia Parkinson visits Nicky Marshall as Seymour in the shop to negotiate buying his monstrous plant.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
MEAN AND GREEN: Nicky Marshall as Seymour, with the star of the show, Audrey II.
Nayland Little Shop of Horrors1
FEEDING TIME: Kalena Stosser as Audrey goes into the belly of the beast.

They may be amateurs but the cast of Nayland College's upcoming musical Little Shop of Horrors are throwing themselves into the production like the ultimate professionals.

The cast of 21 is rehearsing up to five times a week for the show about a nerdish florist named Seymour whose life gets considerably more exciting when he discovers that a mysterious plant he owns craves human blood and flesh.

Composed by Alan Menken and written by Howard Ashman, the Broadway hit features tunes like Skid Row, Somewhere That's Green and Suddenly, Seymour.

It was also turned into a Hollywood film in 1986.

The plant will be bought to "life" with a series of puppets. Supporting the actors and puppeteer on stage will be a 24-strong backstage team including eight make-up artists, three hair stylists, three costume co-ordinators, four stagehands and six lighting and sound crew. There will also be an 11-piece rock band performing live at every show.

Nayland College puts on shows like Little Shop of Horrors every two years. This year the show is being directed by Keran Brady, with head of music Chris Lukies acting for the last time as musical director.
Cast members are practically jumping up and down with enthusiasm for the show.


Nicky Marshall, who is in Year 11 and plays Seymour, said Little Shop of Horrors was one of his favourite shows.

"It's really fun. It's real lighthearted and not all serious," he said.

Kalena Stosser, who is also in Year 11 and plays Audrey, the object of Seymour's affection, agreed.

'It's a lot of fun because the whole cast gets on really well," she said.

Kalena is also a big fan of her character.

"She is really cute. She is so simple-minded and innocent all the time," she said.

Daniel Hall, who is in Year 13, is also enjoying his character, Seymour's boss, the grumpy Mr Mushnik.

"He's quite funny but he is also really serious at the same time," he said.

Little Shop of Horrors is on from June 22 to 27 at the college. Tickets are $20, and $15 for under-18s and over-65s.

Bookings at the college.