Prize sees neighbours meet at last

02:40, Jul 05 2012
Pizza prize
PIZZA PRIZE: Shontelle, 10, and Brooke Carppe, 13, and their neighbours welcome the arrival of the 30 pizzas their street Cambelldon Cres won in a Domino's competition.

The residents of Stoke's Cambelldon Cres have gone from famine to feast and got to know each other better in the process.

In May two of the street's younger residents, sisters Shontelle, 10, and Brooke Carppe, 13, took part in the 40 Hour Famine.

As part of their fundraising efforts they went door knocking and raised more than $100 from their neighbours for World Vision.

Brooke and Shontelle's mum, Shelley Carppe, was so impressed that when she heard about Domino's Pizza's Cheaper Tuesday Street Party competition, she had to enter Cambelldon Cres.

"I told them: 'I think our street is fantastic. Our daughters raised over $100 and I think they deserve a treat'," she said.

Domino's felt the same way and named Cambelldon Cres the winner of the promotion.


Their prize? Thirty pizzas, home delivered.

So last Tuesday, the Carppe family invited the whole street over for pizzas.

Shelley was rapt with the win and thrilled to be able to shout everyone dinner.

"I thought it was great.

"We'd been meaning to do something in the street to meet the neighbours for a while and it was a nice way of saying 'thank you'," she said.

Around 16 neighbours made it for dinner and for each of them it was the first time they had visited the Carppes'.

To help the residents get to know each other, Shelley issued everyone with a sticker featuring their name and their house number.

When The Leader turned up the place was humming with people making connections and sharing stories about life in the street.

And while some wondered aloud how they were ever going to get through all the pizzas, everyone had good things to say about the get-together.

"I think it's fantastic.

"We're all busy so it was a fantastic idea of Shelley's to share the celebration," Sharon McGuire said.
Mike Cartridge agreed.

"I think this is an excellent idea and we haven't done much with the neighbours. We've talked once or twice but I think this is really good."