Lotto win shared among volunteers

00:54, Jul 20 2012
Richmond Hospice Shop
CHEERS: Volunteers at the Richmond Hospice Shop raise a glass to their Lotto win on the weekend. From left to right are, June Hart, Pat Senior, Karen MacKenzie, Glenda Ferguson and Kaye Blanche.

One of last Saturday’s $14,719 Lotto prizes couldn’t have gone to a more deserving group.

The division two prize was won by 19 volunteers from the Richmond Hospice shop on Queen St who formed a Lotto syndicate in 2010 shortly after the store opened. Group members  each put $1 towards buying tickets from ‘‘the lucky dairy,’’ Richmond Night n’ Day on Queen St and last Saturday they hit the jackpot.

Syndicate member June Hart calculated each person would get $774.68, which would be spent as each individual wished.

‘‘What you do, you do for love,’’ she said of  work at the hospice.

Store manager Karen MacKenzie said the windfall would help pay for winter power bills and domestic costs for her volunteers.

She started telling members of the all-female syndicate about the lucky event last Monday and particularly brightened the day of one woman who was receiving cancer treatment in Christchurch.


Ms Mackenzie said she dreamed about winning Lotto two weeks ago and thought the hospice’s winning streak might not have finished.

‘‘I’ve been saying for months we’re going to win.

‘‘We’ve got the big one coming.’’

The hospice group’s 10-week ticket will run for another eight weeks on the same numbers.

The ticket was the 17th winning second division ticket Richmond Night ’n Day has sold this year. The store has sold the second-highest number of winning first-division tickets in New Zealand, including $8.2 million in December and two others this year.