Pearly Poppet takes top prize at cat show

22:04, Aug 01 2012
Cat show
PURRFECT: Georgia Isles, seven, gets a close look at Loraine Craw’s cat Tammy at the show.

Just about everybody likes cats so it was no surprise that hundreds of people went to the Hope Hall last Sunday to see some of the region’s and the country’s top felines at the Nelson Cat Club’s annual show.

And there was plenty for them to see with 149 cats of all breeds ranging from the everyday tabby to the pampered pedigree Persians. It was an almost impossible task for the 10 judges to select the show’s top cats, although in the end Redwood Valley breeder Barbara Beatson’s 7-month-old Persian kitten Pearly Poppet won the major honours by a whisker.

Pearly Poppet won the Supreme Award for the longhair section as well as the Gene Warwick Memorial Trophy for the best-groomed exhibit.

Club president Loraine Craw was delighted with the number and quality of the cats in the show with entries coming from all over the country. ‘‘The show’s always well patronised and I think that’s because a lot of people love cats,’’ she said.

The cats were entered in four main categories – pedigree long-hair, pedigree short-hair, domestic and companion. She said there was a bewildering variety of cat breeds within those categories including the hairless sphynx which attracted a lot of attention last Sunday.

She said cats were judged on criteria which differed among breeds although things like size, colour, head shape and tail length were important.