He's gonna play that funky music

02:37, Sep 06 2012
 Grant Smithies
DISCO KING: DJ Grant Smithies is looking forward to sharing his love of disco and funk.

Grant Smithies is calling on his fellow Nelsonians to unleash their inner disco divas.

The DJ and writer is holding what he is predicting will be “a ripper” of a dance party at Deville in New St on Saturday, September 22 called The Funk, The Whole Funk, and Nothing But The Funk.

“I thought it would be good to do a really old school funk and disco party,” he said. “It just feels like the right time for this party after the wet and scungy winter.”

Grant said a lot the music of the disco era came out of black and gay communities where people faced their fair share of challenges.

“People who had quite a bit to worry about were cutting loose on the dance floor,” he said.

Grant said disco was full of “superb” and “deeply escapist” tunes that people never get to hear these days. As a result, he is planning to play four hours of “mighty dance floor-destroying tunes” without an ‘‘over-thrashed office party anthem’’ in sight.


“There will be things with big filthy bass lines and great grooves that are irresistible to dance to.

“It will be relentlessly funky.”

Grant has put aside hundreds of records from his massive collection and is having a joyous time deciding just which tracks will make the cut.

“It’s just great to zero in on a genre of music I love. I think it’ll be a killer night,” he said.

Partygoers are welcome to dress 1970s-style and Grant is expecting to see some “dubious” dancing on the night.

“I think people will be lining up at their osteopath the next day due to their unwise dance moves.’’

The party runs from 8pm to midnight. Tickets, which include a beer or glass of wine, cost $15 and are on sale at Deville.