Poet shares his rich take on life

20:46, Nov 22 2012
Rachel Burton
THIS MONTH'S LIVE POET: Hone John Simpson.

Leisure-time poet-songwriter Hone John Simpson brings to Nelson Live Poets November slices gathered from his life experiences and travels at home and abroad.

Nelson Live Poets is pleased to welcome Hone to the stage in the Yurt at the Free House for their November gathering on Monday November 26.

With a rouguish twinkle in his eye, Hone is well-known for the warmth of his performance and an uncanny knack for unlocking hearts with his all-inclusive take on life.

When the question is asked, what is the greatest thing of all? His answer is: People, people, people! For Hone Simpson, this is the fuel for his fire.

His Maori and Irish ancestry combine in the perfect mix to ensure any jam session or storytelling gathering rolls along into the wee hours when the words and songs flow like a good red wine.

Originally from the Manawatu-Horowhenua district, Hone has lived in Nelson for almost a decade but has been visiting the area for more than 40 years.


His grandmother, poetess Puhiwahine, must have passed something down to him or maybe it was the Celtic music of his Irish father that gave him his enthusiasm for life and passion for people.

"I find people interesting, their history, life stories and anecdotes are the essence of everyday living," Hone said.

"They are a reminder of what life is about rather than accumulating stuff that clutters up our lives like the junk mail that arrives in our in-boxes.

"I never read the stuff," he said, "but it fed the fires that kept me warm through the winters of my youth."

Again Nelson poets also get the opportunity to perform their work during the regular open mike sessions.

These sessions give Live Poets its beating heart as first-timers and established performers line up to deliver words of magic and mystery.

Hone will also provide the music and song for the evening as part of his performance, so the programme for the night will kick off about 6.30pm with the first of the open mike sessions.

Open mike performers can register on the night.