Organic challenge met with vigour

VOTE FOR US: The Super Dutch Man Slice team from Golden Bay High School pose with their friend Super Dutch Man to win votes for their new organic slice recipe.
VOTE FOR US: The Super Dutch Man Slice team from Golden Bay High School pose with their friend Super Dutch Man to win votes for their new organic slice recipe.

"Feed the Dutch Man inside you!" campaigned members of Golden Bay High School's year 10 food marketing group Super Dutch Man Slice last Friday.

They were stationed in the middle of the high school, where they were luring people to taste their newly developed organic slice ‘Super Dutch Man Slice' and to vote for it.

Students were pushed to their culinary limits last week when they were challenged to develop a new organic slice, without artificial colours, flavours, sprays or genetically engineered ingredients, on a budget of $50.

The brief required students to present the slice in an attractive "you know you want it" fashion. They also had to design a high school based marketing campaign, including posters and a television advertisement to win the public's votes.

"We had to make a slice organically in three days.

"We used our creativity to twist and play with the materials at hand.

"We think it's unique and delicious," insisted Jonathan Martin of the Koonaks Korn Shacks team, during the Friday afternoon tasting where student teams vied for public votes using eye catching stalls, themed costumes and loud music.

During the development phase, cooks were dispatched to Golden Bay Organics to select their ingredients.

With support from organic shop staff they were able to replace artificial colourings with surprisingly effective ingredients such as beetroot, spirulina and turmeric.

"Imagination and creativity were the key," said Kai Mason of the team Pure and Fresh who won Best Food Product.

For Olivia Hone, of the team Brownie Smash, "being organised" made an extra special difference.

While for Marlene Schrader of the team Black and Yellow, it was all about team work.

"We all worked well together. We made all the decisions together and we had fun while we were doing it," she said.

It wasn't an easy process for everyone however.

Mani McIntyre, member of the overall winning team the Bogan Bar said he faced some challenges.

"It was the stress building up to it and having to make everything organic," he said.

Misha Hindmarsh, of the team Pure Freshness, said their unique selling point was being "different to everyone else."

They used only agar-agar, lemons, blueberries, oranges and lemonade fruits, with "just a little bit of sugar," in their recipe.

Gaylene Wilkinson, the teacher temporarily in charge of year 10, said she loved seeing the students work innovatively within their brief.

"I was impressed at how people creatively worked with not having food colouring, condensed milk or golden syrup," she said.

Results: Best Logo and Packaging: The Marley Munchers.

Best Teamwork: Super Dutchmen Slice.

Best Point of Sale Display: Bogan Bar.

The Best Advertising Campaign: Black and Yellow.

Best Food Product: Pure and Fresh with their fruit slice.

Third overall went to Marley Mix. Second Overall went to Black and Yellow. First Overall went to the Bogan Bar.