Homes safer in numbers - so join up

02:00, Jan 17 2013
SETTLING IN: Waimea Neighbourhood Support co-ordinator Marty Price has just released his first newsletter.

Richmond's new Neighbourhood Support co-ordinator Marty Price is being recognised by people on the street more and more as he settles into the role.

"It's been good to get out there and meet the street contacts, they've been really helpful," he said.

The Irish expat stepped up as co-ordinator in November, and spends two days a week at Richmond Police Station. He published his first quarterly newsletter shortly before Christmas, introducing himself to the Richmond region's 90 support groups.

Marty said he has had a number of inquiries from people wanting to set up new groups, most recently in the Appleby Hills subdivision. He wanted to let anybody who was considering registering their street for neighbourhood support know that smaller groups could join in the support programme as well.

"Ideally it should be a full street, but it doesn't have to be," said Marty.

He said groups of as few as five houses could sign up to become part of Neighbourhood Support. The programme works closely with police and other organisations to reduce crime, improve safety and prepare residents to deal with emergencies and natural disasters.

Anybody interested in signing up can contact Marty on 544 1365.