Strong winds split mighty English oak

02:02, Jan 24 2013
Stephen Pattison
TIMBER: Nelmac arborist Stephen Pattison and his chainsaw send a massive limb from the Victory Square oak earth-bound.

A massive English oak thought to be more than 100 years old has been felled in Victory Square this week after a member of the public noticed a major crack running through its trunk.

The tree, on the corner of Northesk and St Vincent streets, stood next to the space net children's climbing frame.

Nelmac team leader Paul Andrews said the tree had been damaged in recent high winds.

"It split right down the guts."

He said if the tree had not been felled it would have fallen down.

"It had way too much leverage on it," he said.

Paul said Nelmac encouraged members of the public to report trees that looked dangerous.

Victory residents spoken to by The Leader said they were sad to see the tree going but grateful for the firewood that came from it.

Paul said the larger pieces of timber from the tree would be given to woodturners.