Rates rise limited, debt up $16m

21:47, Jun 12 2013

Tasman district property owners will see an average proposed general rates rise of 1.37 per cent in the coming financial year.

The figure accounts for a 1.3 per cent growth in the district's ratepayer population and the subsequent extra funding this is predicted to bring in.

Councillors attending last week's full Tasman District Council meeting were told that sample properties across the district would see general and targeted rate increases of 1.58 to 2.36 per cent.

Sticking to core projects, declining funding requests and deferring projects have seen the council cut $4 million from the next financial year's debt.

The council's debt was predicted to increase by $16m over 2013-14 to $177.2m and was forecast to be $173.2m.

A spreadsheet presented to councillors by finance manager Russell Holden showed that many of the current proposed targeted rates were down on figures forecast in the Long Term Plan, and some had been cut further from estimates in the draft annual plan.


Those not proposed to change from the LTP include a number of community water scheme rates.

Targeted rates not set to change from July 1 include the Wai-iti Valley Community Dam rate, Takaka firefighting water supply rates, the Ruby Bay and Mapua stopbank rates, and the Pohara wastewater and Hamama road sealing rates.

The council received funding requests totalling $12m during its annual plan process. That figure does not include calls for funding the $30m Motueka bypass and $26m coastal water pipeline.

Among the projects declined were additional funding for footpaths and cycleways, the upgrade of the Richmond Town Hall, $50,000.

The Theatre Royal operating costs, $14,600 in additional operating funding for the Suter Gallery, and funding for the purchase of Golden Bay's Joan Whiting Resthome were also declined.

The proposed annual plan is due to be signed off by the council at the end of this month.

A sample of proposed representative general and targeted rates increases for Tasman district properties is shown below:

Golden Bay farm: capital value. $7.25 million; Rates 2012/13 $22,060.70; Per cent increase for 2013/14. 1.63 percent; Cost of increase from 2012/13 $360.46.

Hope Horticultural: Capital Value. $1.21 million; 2012/13 rates. $4024.40; Increase for 2013/14. 1.65 per cent; Cost of increase $66.47.

Brightwater Residential: CV. $360,000; 2012/13 rates. $2650.60; Increase for 2013/14. 1.8 per cent; Cost of increase $47.80.

Richmond Industrial: CV $630,000; 2012/13 rates. $3302.10; Increase for 2013/14. 2.15 per cent; Cost of increase $71.30.

Waimea Village Residential: CV $185,000; 2012/13 rates. $1928.00; Increase for 2013/14. 1.72 per cent; Cost of increase $33.10.

Richmond Residential: CV $485,000; 2012/13 rates. $2863.70; Increase on 2012/13. 2.05 per cent; Cost of increase $58.65.

Kaiteriteri residential: CV $660,000; Rates 2012/13 $3592.90; Increase 2.18 per cent Cost of increase $78.18.