Flying Bertie's cup runs over

03:07, Nov 28 2013
Terrier race
TORNADO TERRIER: Bertie announces his success in winning the Nelson A and P Show's terrier race to the joy of owner Lily Fyfe of Nelson.

Diminutive Nelson terrier Bertie's determination to make a fluffy coat-hanger cover his own enabled him to beat off all comers to win this year's terrier racing at the Nelson and A and P Show.

In the Sunday afternoon event a gaggle of small, slim-legged, pointy- eared dogs were each introduced to the target - the fluffy coat-hanger cover - in brief games of tug before the bibs went on and the yipping contestants were held on the line by their owners.

Down the other end of the field the bloke in charge of the lure, Chris Scott, dished out advice to the waiting dog catchers: "Grab them when they come over the line before there is a fight - there is always a fight". But this year the contestants had been read the Riot Act and the fur did not fly.

While stewards sorted the contestants into the long-legged and short-legged race fields, necessary after the arrival of a whippet family, the lure was tested, the waiting crowd leaned further over the rail and . . . the dogs were off.

Short practice sprints were quickly followed by the main races and then an "all-in" affair.

"It's great fun and people bring their dogs along year after year, " Chris said.

Every dog won a prize (a bottle of doggie vitamins) and those that made the podium received a miniature ribbon. Bertie got a small cup, which he poked his nose in before giving a winning woof.