SPCA needs help at Christmas

22:48, Dec 12 2013
 Tracey Musgrave
HOMELESS: SPCA staff member Tracey Musgrave with Moo Moo, one of the SPCA's adult cats. Moo Moo is looking for a permanent home.

The SPCA wants to find homes for adult cats to help the animals into homes before kitten season arrives.

It is also looking for people who can foster mother cats with their kittens, or a dog over the Christmas period to ease some of the animal welfare group's load over a hectic period. SPCA feline manger Carmen Torrance said the SPCA had about a dozen adult cats looking for homes.

It also had about nine dogs, including a really nice boxer-cross, Tama, which had been at the SPCA for three months.

The cost of adopting adult cats was now half-price at $50.

Cats were de-sexed, treated for worms and fleas, vaccinated and toilet trained.

Carmen said people often wanted kittens rather than adult cats, and the kitten season was starting.


There are three queen or mother cats feeding their litters at the SPCA.

The SPCA also wanted people to foster animals over Christmas because it was a busy period and the SPCA was often short of volunteers over that time.

Having some animals living away from the organisation during that time would decrease some of the load.

People needed a fenced section to look after a dog and a spare room for a mother cat and her kittens.

Volunteer and staff member Tracey Musgrave said the SPCA had adopted only one animal at the weekend.

The adult cats at the SPCA were all nice cats and would make good pets.

She said Moo Moo had come to the SPCA because his owners were moving and could not take him with them.

Moo Moo got his name because of his black and white markings.