Kites take off at festival

20:38, Jan 15 2014
Kite Festival
HIGH FLIERS: Colourful kites fill the sky at last year's festival in Neale Park.

If you see a collection of large flying creatures over Nelson this weekend, don't be alarmed, it's just the return of the annual kite festival.

Now in its 23rd year, the Nelson Summer Kite Festival will once again play host to some of the top kite fliers in the country.

An octopus, spaceman, seahorse and a whale are some of the larger kites expected to soar above Neale Park this Sunday.

Gretchen Howard from Rainbow Flight said the weather dependant festival benefits from the sea breeze at Neale Park, which makes it "the best kite park in the country."

Mrs Howard said "the forecast is looking bright" which means good flying weather is in store for the weekend.

The flying festivities start this Sunday at noon with a gold coin entry fee. For those unable to make it to the main Sunday event, you might get a glimpse of the larger kites having a test run at Neale Park on Saturday.