Fish waste dumper 'lazy, dirty'

FISHY BUSINESS: Liz Evans is upset that fish remains have been dumped in the stream near her property.
FISHY BUSINESS: Liz Evans is upset that fish remains have been dumped in the stream near her property.

A Stoke woman is sick of the "lazy, dirty people" who have dumped fish carcasses in the stream next to her property.

"Street guardian" Liz Evans is disgusted after spotting at least the remains of two cod and one john dory in Poorman's Stream by Seaview Rd, Stoke.

The retiree and resident of eight years first spotted the dead fish last week after seeing a suspicious-looking blond women get into her white Isuzu vehicle a day earlier while Liz was getting her mail.

"When the fancy lady saw me she had that look on her face like she had been caught and she had done something wrong. I knew something was up."

Unless the council or the perpetrator was going to clean up the mess, it could be weeks before the stream would flood and wash away the carcasses, she said

"I am certainly not looking forward to the horrible stink that is going to come over my fence and into my property.

"If that woman has any conscience she will come back and clean up her mess."

Liz was sick and tired of "the lazy, dirty people in Nelson".

"If you have enough money to have a boat to catch big fish such as these, you have enough money to put the carcasses in the dump.

"If you cannot handle the stink in your rubbish bin, why would you put that same stink in my backyard?"

"If I find the woman who did this, I am going to get the carcasses and throw them on her property to see how she feels."

Seaview Rd was a lovely street with a lovely park and great neighbours, she said.

As a "guardian of the area" she started a neighbourhood support group because she took pride in keeping her "beautiful area as clean and lovely as possible".

She is also disgusted by people who leave "dog poop" after taking their dogs for a walk.

Nelson City Council communications manager Angela Ricker said the council took littering, especially around Nelson waterways, seriously.

"We ask that people please report it by calling us."

Whether they are big or small, any details about people or vehicles involved in the dumping were helpful for council officers investigating the incident.

Fines of up to $400 could be imposed for rubbish dumping offences and prosecution was also an option for serious or repeat offences, she said.

People had the legitimate option of disposing of their fishing waste into a skip operated by Nelmac at the Akersten St launching ramp site at Port Nelson.

The lid of the skip had been altered to prevent previous problems involving the dumping of household items.

"It is still suitable for disposing of fishing waste and marina and boat ramp users are welcome to do that," Angela said.