Theme wanted for masked parade

20:50, Apr 02 2014

The Nelson Masked Parade is turning 20 and to celebrate, it is asking the public to come up for a theme for this year's parade.

The council wants the public to come up with a theme for the outdoor pageant to help make this year's event a stunner.

The winner has the chance to see their theme come to life on October 17 and start the parade with their group carrying the Nelson Masked Parade 2014 banner.

The winning idea will make it easy for participants to integrate a number of different elements into their entry including masks, costumes, sounds, movement, colour, height, total disguise, fun, fantasy and the use of different materials.

Past themes include: Bouncy, Bold & Gold; Maritime Adventures; Boldly Going Skyward; Sparkling Sustainable Future; The Playful Pacific; Myths and Legends and Adventurous Journeys.

To enter visit nelsonarts and find the link to the entry form. Entries must be received by 4pm on Tuesday.