Kath Bee gets big break on TV

22:50, Apr 23 2014
Kath Bee
AS SEEN ON TV: Nelson singer-songwriter Kath Bee.

Children's songwriter Kath Bee has finally achieved her long held dream of having her songs feature on a TV show.

Five of Kath's songs appear on TV2 show Poppet Stars.

The show screens at 6.05am on Saturday mornings and is aimed at pre-schoolers.

It is also available online.

In the Internet version a photo of the child can be placed onto the face of the main character and the child becomes the star of the show.

Kath says it has been a long journey to get her songs on TV.


"It's what I've wanted to work towards all the time.

"I would like to work for movies and TV.

"This is my very first step of 10 or so years to get there."

Kath says she got in contact with the show's producer Belinda Simpson years ago after someone suggested she needed to get her music on TV.

"I googled her and emailed her, saying; ‘This is what I do. I've got some CDs would you like me to send some?'."

Kath sent Belinda three CDs and got in touch months later.

"She said the CDs have been on constant rotation in her car and her kids loved them."

Unfortunately, it took years until a project they could work together on came up.

Belinda had the idea for Poppet Stars and TVNZ liked it but not the song.

Belinda asked Kath to write a song about a rocket ship and TVNZ then agreed to take the show.

Kath says there are 26 episodes of the show and each episode is like a little music video. Five of the episodes use Kath's songs.

Kath lives up the Motueka Valley and does not have a TV, so she has not got up early to catch it.

"I've just watched it on the Internet.

"I've definitely put my face in it. My stepson who's 8 has put his face in it several times."

Kath says she hopes to do more of it and would love to write more for TV. At the moment she is writing songs on commission and will keep gigging.