About the Leader

23:23, Jul 07 2013

"I find the ads quite useful, especially for knowing what is on sale and finding new things.  I like the ads as much as the news stories and read the classifieds even if I'm not looking for a specific item."
Quote from: 'The Newspaper Experience Study" May 2003 Readership Institute

The Leader Group covers the whole of our beautiful Nelson/Tasman region with two free community papers: The Nelson Leader and the Tasman Leader.

We have four journalists spread across the region collecting the news our community likes to read; making sure that local faces are constantly in the editorial mix.

There are several very popular special advertising features that run monthly including 'Your Home', 'Total Health and Beauty', 'Landscaping and Gardening' and many more. To learn more about these click HERE.

Every Thursday we deliver 41,603 papers Free to every letterbox in our region

Overall we have a total weekly readership of 59,000*, that's 81% of all people over the age of 15 reading our papers. With these sorts of numbers you cannot afford to overlook the Leader Groups reach when it comes to your advertising.

No other local media can give you this sort of coverage!

Source: *NMR 'Regional Readership Survey' 2011