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Last updated 16:29 05/03/2009

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Payment Options

For your convenience, payment may be made by cheque, cash, eftpos, Visa/Mastercard, Amex direct debit, automatic payments or on-line banking:- Our Bank Account is with BNZ; Wellington Branch, the number is 02 0500 0700089 012. 


Subscribers can now pay at any New Zealand Post Shop or Post Outlet with their payment slip.



IMPORTANT – when making a payment it is important that you use your unique 11 digit reference so we can identify your customer account correctly.  This reference is quoted on the How to Pay section of your invoice/statement.

Ad Feedback

The Nelson Mail has offices in Nelson, Richmond, Motueka, or alternatively, contact the Newspaper Sales Team on (03) 548 7079 during office hours.

Paper not Delivered by 5pm

If your paper hasn’t arrived by 5pm please phone (03) 548 7079 or 0800 800 515 (free phone). We will make every practical effort to deliver one to you. Should this not be possible you will receive a credit for that day’s paper or a day’s extension to your 26 or 52 weeks pay-in-advance period.

Stopping Papers

To stop your paper for holidays please phone (03) 548 7079 (during office hours) or email with your account number, name, phone number and stop and restart dates.

Our Newspaper Sales Team will put a halt on your deliveries for the day’s you specify. You will either receive a credit for those days or your 26 or 52 weeks pay-in-advance period will be extended by the same number of days.

Alternatively, we can save your papers in a Holiday Pack or you can donate your holiday papers to our Schools Donation Fund. (See below)

Change of Address

 If you are moving or would like your Nelson Mail subscription permanently moved to a new address please phone the Newspaper Sales Team on 03 548 7079 with the details or email with your name, phone number, Nelson Mail account number, old address, the new address and the date the change is required.

School Donations

Be in with a chance to WIN a $60 Petrol Voucher

This offer is extended to all subscribers who put a temporary stop on their account and transfer their holiday papers to the Schools Donation fund.

 For every paper you donate, we donate one as well to provide a valuable teaching resource in the classrooms of our children’s schools.

 Plus, every time that you donate your papers to this fund you will be automatically entered into our monthly draw to win $60.00 worth of MTA vouchers.

Holiday Packs

When you go on holiday we can save your papers in a Holiday Pack and deliver them to you on your return.

For these options please call the Newspaper Sales Team on (03) 548 7079

Digital Holiday


If you’re going on holiday but still want to catch up on all the news from home then take a FREE Digital Holiday!

Provided you’ll have access to the internet while you’re away and are currently a Nelson Mail subscriber simply call or email the Newspaper Sales Team with your stop/start dates, account details, email address and we’ll do the rest – easy.

Phone 03 54 62 822 or email  and start your FREE Digital Holiday today!

- Nelson

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