Buskers are back in town

03:28, Feb 07 2013
Caroline Michelle Bellamy
HULA HOOP SKILLS: Minnie Maniac will soon be performing in Nelson as part of Buskerburgoo, Nelson’s Buskers and Street Theatre Series.

Loosen your inhibitions and open your wallets - the buskers are back!

Always a highlight of the Nelson summer, Buskerburgoo will bring fun and laughter to the streets of Nelson for the next three days, with "free" performances (but you will be asked to donate generously, and why not - laughter is great medicine) at the top of Trafalgar St from late morning to mid-afternoon.

There are also two special shows from 6pm at Fairfield Park on Saturday and Sunday evenings (again, by donation), and the hugely popular When Buskers Go Bad is on tonight and tomorrow night at the Boathouse, with tickets $30 from Everyman or $38 at the door (if any seats are left).

As far as the R18 cabarets go, who knows what could happen? All they are saying is that content may offend - if you're lucky - and be prepared to be made part of the show. The show begins at 8pm tonight and 8.30pm tomorrow.

Of the family friendly festival side of Buskerburgoo, organiser Sophie Kelly promises "action packed, mind-blowing shows from around the world featuring award-winning street performers".

"Our festival is family-focused. Please show the performers how much you appreciate their amazing talents and skills by tipping the busker hats," she says.


Here then, are the stars of Buskerburgoo.

Jessica Arpin (Spain/Italy/Brazil):

A mixture of circus, clown and poetry, with a story mixing passion, poignancy and pragmatism. The synopsis: A young foreign woman falls in love with the country she finds herself in. Her work permit is about to run out . . . she has to get married. She organises a love contest to find the right person. Challenges will be undertaken then it will be her turn to seduce the public, performing acrobatics on her faithful yellow bicycle. But thanks to the final secret test, the truth will be revealed.

Murray Molloy (Spain/Ireland)

Murray Molloy has been performing and travelling all over the world, for more than 15 years. One of less than 100 sword swallowers actually performing on the planet and one of 25 who swallow curved swords and one of 10 who swallow multiple swords at once.

Ernest the Magnifico (Australia)

A unique comic character - he could have been a Beverly Hillbilly, he would have been right at home with the Dukes of Hazzard. Ernest the Magnifico is Australia's comic daredevil. Featuring a high-flying stuntcar, a heart-stopping pogostick and a hilarious comic persona, you are guaranteed to laugh as you watch a hunk from the Australian outback.

Dado (Canada)

Dado delights his audience with his silent clown act, with a touch of magic, improvisation and slapstick comedy. He can swallow table-tennis balls, balloons and, we're told, even little dogs. He astonishes watchers to the extent that they enjoy the utter absurdities of his acts . . . surprises galore, like playing music with chickens. If you let your mind fly together with the madness you will laugh yourself silly, he says.

Minnie Maniac (New Zealand)

Combining world-class hula hoop skills with infectious enthusiasm, Minnie Maniac will open your heart and your mind while leaving you in stitches. Like the girl next door on too much caffeine, she whips the audience into a frenzy with a surprise finale which will leave you wondering where that girl gets all that energy.