Going Green

Kina Beach Vineyard.

Bringing hemp out of the closet

Hemp, arguably one of the most versatile agricultural crops available, is restricted in New Zealand. Why is this? The answer is simple; hemp is closely related to marijuana.

Transition Towns are on the rise

Funny how things happen sometimes. About a year ago I wrote a column on Transition Towns - a grassroots movement started in the UK in 2006 that now involves over 2000 communities worldwide.

Planet's health lacks urgency

Let's be honest. We have serious environmental problems and we're not taking them very seriously.

Growing healthier kids

Nelson Environment Centre started a programme called "Fresh Food for Life" last year. It aims to help kids to learn about preparing, cooking and sharing the produce they harvest from their nearest garden.

Land for wildlife

Montbretia is the object of my attention these days. With a name like that, you'd think it was something magical but no such luck.

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