Doris has best of the wurst

SIZZLING SAUSAGES: Doris Faulhaber, of Bratwurst Grill, with her products at the Founders Farmers Market.
SIZZLING SAUSAGES: Doris Faulhaber, of Bratwurst Grill, with her products at the Founders Farmers Market.

Grabbing a "bratwurst from Doris" is a Saturday morning ritual for many Nelson Market regulars, and the queue of hungry market-goers that stretches from her mobile brick-covered stall behind the Montgomery Square toilet block is testament to that.

Those who have discovered the delights of Doris Faulhaber's German sausages should thank the lucky stars that she met her Kiwi hubby Andre Delaurier on her travels around New Zealand 16 years ago.

The story goes that Delaurier, an electrician, was busking on the streets of Rotorua when the couple met and fell in love.

After returning to Faulhaber's native Germany, the couple decided to move to Aotearoa and start a sausage-making business.

The rest is Nelson Market history.

Moving to Nelson, they initially started making and selling only traditional German sausages, but over their 13 years in business they have expanded their products to include a range of sausages, small goods, smoked meats and salamis.

Faulhaber first learnt how to make traditional sausages as a 15-year-old when she trained with a German butcher in traditional sausage-making.

She's from Wuerzburg in Bavaria, and Faulhaber says her sausages are made to a traditional Bavarian recipe from her native Lower Frankonia province.

The couple make all their products themselves at premises in Hope, and all her products are gluten and dairy free.

Nelson's Saturday market was where she got her start, and she now also sells her products at the Farmers Market at Founders Park on Fridays and at the Motueka Market on Sundays. Faulhaber has a stall, too, at the Arts Centre in Christchurch and supplies other customers by mail order.

Bratwursts are by a long way her most popular product. She doesn't know how many she sells on a typical Saturday but says "it's a lot".

She suggests, however, that those able to wean themselves off them or keen to try something new pick up some of her German smoked meats or smoked speck, which she says are just the ticket for popping into winter soups and stews.

Despite the early morning frosty starts ("I just put on three extra layers"), Faulhaber says she loves the markets and meeting up with her regular customers, whom, she says, are her most important clients. "It's (the market) my most favourite part of the whole job."

Other produce

The good news for avocado lovers is that produce sellers at the market are starting to sell new season's hass avocados grown in the warmer climes of the North Island. A bag of four ready-to-eat organic avocado can be picked up for $5 or sell for $1.50 each.

Hass (rhymes with pass) avocados are the most common avocados grown in New Zealand. They are the oval-shaped avocados with a green knobbly skin that darkens as it ripens. Hass avocados are available from August to May, but are most plentiful from October to March.

Market Fresh has been told that the supply of this season's reed avocados - the large round variety with a thick pebbly green skin, which stays green as they ripen - should be coming to an end. Reed avocados are in season from February to June.

The health benefits of avocados are well known, with the New Zealand avocado website saying avocados contribute nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are the only fruit with "good" monostaturated fat and contain lutein (a natural antioxidant) which, research suggests, might help maintain healthy eyesight.

Markets in the region

Nelson Market, Montgomery Square, Saturday, 8am-1pm.

Founders Farmers Market, Founders Heritage Park, Friday, 3pm-6pm, Nelson.

Sunday Market, Montgomery Square, Nelson, Sunday, 8am-1pm.

Motueka Market, Decks Reserve, Sunday, 10am to 3pm.

Foxhill Farmers and Community Market, Rutherford Hall, Wakefield-Kohatu Highway, on the third Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm.

Moutere Market, the Moutere Inn, 12pm-3pm Saturdays.

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