Candy for the feet

00:05, Nov 09 2012
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STEP TO IT: Fashionable footwear should be top of your shopping list this summer.

I have been a kid in a candy store walking into shoe stores this season - in case you haven't noticed from my previous articles, I am infatuated with shoes. I'm happy to inform you that this season you'll find one of the most extensive variety of ranges I have ever seen in our many shoe stores. Shoes often are the last thought - well not now. Oodles of bright, bold colour this season means your tootsies are now the ones doing the talking.

Shoe designers have got so inventive with colour and shape that a basic black pump is now just not acceptable.

A bright shoe in any way or form should be on the top of your shopping list this summer.

To help you on your way I have put together the latest shoe trends for the season: some are sexy and glamorous; others are cute and playful, but one thing they all have in common - they all get you from A to B in style.

Bright colours: Freedom of expression and personality is where it's at this season. Those of you who bought bright shoes last season, can breath a sigh of relief as bright hues have stayed with us, despite the many pastels this season.

Yellow, magenta, cyan, purple, green and orange - you can pretty much name the colour and you will find it. Multi-coloured shoes are also in.


Pastel colours: Pastel colours will be as popular for shoes as for they are for clothing this summer. Nude is the trend but also pale pink, aqua, light yellow and pale green feature on the shelves.

Platforms and flatforms: Platforms are great for the "mini-mes" of the world. They create mega height without killing the ankle too much due to the high sole at the toe. You will see them in nude colours, bold colours as well as in two-tone colour this season.

Good news is they are made from lighter materials than their origins and are a cute playful look.

Pointed toes: For a couple of seasons in a row rounded toes have been in. Now finally we see the change towards pointed toes, which are much sexier and feminine and extremely flattering on the leg.

Capped toes: For the look and for the practicality capped toes look sexy and make the point more durable. During summer 2012 fashion season metallic capped toes will be very trendy and look extremely elegant.

Braided sandals: It's been a long time since we last saw braided sandals in the stores. They are making a huge comeback. Bright colours and unusual ways of braiding make these an incredibly hot look for the approaching season.

Transparent shoes: Last year, designers made attempts to make transparent shoes popular but no-one took them seriously. This summer, designers have increased them dramatically and these first fruits that we were scared to try, are now a fruit worth putting in the basket.

Lacing: Lacing still keeps its position in the world of fashion and this season we see lots of it on shoes and sandals.

Wedges: Are a style that we have seen for a while and due to the practicality and comfort factor of this style of shoe, we all knew it was going to be sticking around for a while.

Guys: For all the fashion enthusiasts and trend following kind of guys, the most dominant and recurrent men shoe trend this year are the brogue shoes, the moccasins and the saddle shoes.

Tan is still a favourite for summer but there is plenty of colour in the good ol' sneaker also. If you are an eccentric guy who wishes to show off some non-conventional shoe trends - opt for this season's bold colours.