Dylan in song and verse

A painting of Bob Dylan by Rick Menard

A painting of Bob Dylan by Rick Menard

The Pulitzer Prize jury in 2008 awarded Bob Dylan a special citation for "his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power."

That poetic power will be on show at the Nelson and Golden Bay Live Poets gatherings in May, the month of Dylan's 75th birthday, when Clayton Taylor, Nathan Torvik and Mark Raffills anchor an open mic night featuring the bard's expansive body of work.

"For over five decades, Bob Dylan has inspired and encouraged and challenged generations of musicians, social activists, believers, artists and wind watchers," says Live Poets' spokesperson Mark Raffills. "Our Dylan In Song and Verse event will provide us all with an opportunity to put the inspiration out there in our own renditions of Dylan's songs and lyrics."

The call is for poets and singers of every ilk to offer their own interpretations of Dylan's songs and poems or to present original work inspired by Dylan.

Top Nelson musicians Clayton Taylor and Nathan Torvik perform together under the moniker The Early Bobs and will present an extensive songbook of Dylan's compositions from the 60s and 70s. Mark Raffills, fresh from his performance at the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival Bob Dylan experience, will co-host the evening with The Early Bobs and will introduce a variety of poets and singers throughout the evening.

Open mic participants can either register on the night or book a spot by contacting mark@drycrust.com for the Nelson event or contact thewritingforest@gmail.com for the Golden Bay event.

Dylan in Song and Verse, Nelson Live Poets Society, The Royal Hotel, Nelson, Wednesday May 25, Hone Simpson, music, 6.45 pm, open mic session, 7.00pm, break 8.00 pm, open mic session 2 from 8.15, koha entry. Inquiries: NN Live Poets  - Carol Ercolano 03 545 0162. 

Golden Bay Live Poets Society, The Mussel Inn, Onekaka, Thursday May 26, music,  7.30 pm: The Early Bobs, open mic session, 7.45pm, break 8.45 pm, open mic session 9.00 pm, koha entry. Inquiries: GB Live Poets  - Rose Michel von Dreger: thewritingforest@gmail.com, GB & NN Live Poets - Mark Raffills  027 2154 969; mark@drycrust.com



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