Lance Kerr gestural works 'poppy'

Luke Dell of Nelson City Framers & Gallery, with a work from Lance Kerr's exhibition Logic of Sense.

Luke Dell of Nelson City Framers & Gallery, with a work from Lance Kerr's exhibition Logic of Sense.

Westport artist Lance Kerr's latest exhibition references graffiti writing and calligraphy, inspired by walks in urban spaces, looking at walls and surfaces.

Logic of Sense, comprising more than 20 works on paper in various sizes,  opens at Nelson City Framers & Gallery tomorrow. Kerr refers to the style of this show as  'Urban Calligraphic Abstraction'.

"I'm interested in the idea of 'Liminal space'  where ambiguous urban zones open into transitional places, which can affect  people both physically and psychologically because of its decentralising power."

His abstract works are created in gestural movements, using fluorescent paints in vibrant pink and orange with darker undertones.

"I like the use of gesture to invoke energy in my work and this has been a starting point with me in this series. "

His work has also been informed by the theories of painting written by French philosopher Deleuze.

"His concept which relates directly to my work is the idea of 'intensities and sensation' where painting becomes a 'system of dynamized and impacting forces', before any conceptual content."

Kerr uses fluorescent liquid acrylics, water based paints and molding paste to create his works.

"I've been using Golden Light molding paste for years now, because of its versatility and its ability to create complex stains, washes and gestural textures, giving the work some impact."

This exhibition follows two others in Nelson, Differences & Repetition at Nelson City Framers & Gallery in 2015 and Loom at the Refinery ArtSpace in 2016. 

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Nelson City Framers & Gallery owner, Luke Dell says he has noticed a difference in Kerr's work over the past few years.

"The biggest change I've seen with Lance's work is that he's concentrating on the process and keeping it consistent." says Dell. "These works are bright, poppy and modern."

Logic of Sense, Lance Kerr, Nelson City Framers & Gallery, 42a Halifax St, Nelson. Tomorrow to April 7.


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