Whimsical statue wins

00:52, Oct 31 2012

A miniature statue of a little girl and her dog fishing on a wooden pier won one of the main awards in a Nelson region ceramics competition.

South Street Gallery sponsors the annual awards exhibition, which is hosted by Craft Potters at their gallery in Ranzau Rd, Hope.

The overall winner in this year's mixed-media section was a piece called Message in a Bottle by Ana Aceves.

The artist said the work was of a little statue of a girl and her dog - Mia and Peachy - fishing on a wooden pier.

"She is happily looking up into the sky, distracted, and hasn't noticed that she has caught a bottle with a message inside. Her dog is curious about what she's doing," she said.

"I had done a few illustrations of these characters in the past and wanted to create a sculpture that would tell a story. In a similar way I do my illustrations.

"I used white clay to make the figures, driftwood from Rabbit Island for the pier and a tiny glass bottle with a secret message inside."

Christine Boswijk, a potter who judged the competition, said she liked the feeling Message in a Bottle evoked. Boswijk used the words "happy, local and whimsy" to describe the work, and said it reminded her of children fishing at the wharf in Mapua.

Craft Potters president Maureen Ryan said: "We had a wonderfully eclectic variety of pots this year." The exhibition of all of the entries runs until mid-November at Craft Potters in Ranzau Rd, Hope.