Artists become lost in Delight

01:11, Nov 14 2012
Philippa Dawson, left, and Carol Hargadon
LABOUR OF LOVE: Philippa Dawson, left, and Carol Hargadon prepare for their exhibition Delight at the McKee Gallery.

Nelson artists and friends Philippa Dawson and Carol Hargadon set themselves a challenge with a joint show at the McKee Gallery.

Preparing to fill a gallery space while fulfilling their work and family duties was significant enough, without Hargadon's cancer diagnosis.

But they persevered, and their show - Delight - opened at the McKee Gallery this week.

The show features Dawson's realist oil paintings, featuring her 17- and 19-year-old daughters as models, and Hargadon's abstract and colourful works.

Dawson said working towards an exhibition was like going on a journey, which was reflected in her paintings.

"It's something that you do for yourself. It makes you focus. It's a challenge. It certainly fills in your day. I seem to have lost the last couple of months," she said.


Hargadon, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, said working on paintings for the show had been a welcome and therapeutic distraction.

"I think you just get lost in what you're doing. You go to another place," she said.

She said she enjoyed working with colour and texture, and while her paintings were abstract, they still referenced landforms.

"It's sort of what people want to make them, which I think is quite fun. It can be something different for everybody."