New life for much loved work

23:45, Feb 12 2013
 Hidden Sculpture Garden
BLOOMING: Anne Rush with her work, Arum Revisited, outside her studio at Arthouse Architecture.

Artworks that have been stashed in the corner of Anne Rush's studio for a couple of years are now in the foyer at Arthouse Architecture in Haven Rd.

Arum - A White Room, at the Suter Gallery in 2008, brought together the skills of an artist, builders, painters, lighting technicians, and curatorial staff.

The upshot was a white room with handmade white arum lilies suspended in clusters above white Takaka marble chips on the floor.

The modular artworks, which have been sitting in the corner of Rush's studio since 2010, are now installed in the foyer at Arthouse Architecture.

"It's just a reconfiguration of the components to make a new installation," she says.

"It [Arum - A White Room] had such a following - people still talk about it."

Rush has sold subsets of arum lilies from the Suter show to private collectors, and the ones in the corridor gallery at Arthouse Architecture are also for sale.

"They can be configured in site-specific ways for various rooms. They're quite tough and durable, and because they're modular, they've got a huge amount of flexibility," she says.