Famous foodie gets a taste of Nelson

20:47, Aug 20 2014
Jo Edwards
SWEET AS: Nadia Lim with the finished dessert- vanilla & honey panna cotta, with boysenberries.

Foodie Nadia Lim is fronting a TV series showcasing the quality of New Zealand food including Nelson berries and apples.

The series, commissioned to be shown in Asia, will also be screened in New Zealand from next week with the Nelson and Marlborough regions in the first episode.

Lim, a dietician, won the second series of MasterChef New Zealand three years ago and is involved in the My Food Bag company.

The eight-part series New Zealand With Nadia Lim has been made by Auckland-based production company KM Media.

Berryfruit Export NZ and Freshco commissioned segments which showcase Nelson boysenberries and apple varieties which are exported to Asia.

Filming took place between last December and March. Nadia was shown around a boysenberry orchard by Berryfruit Export NZ chairman Julian Raine. Lim ate boysenberries straight off the bushes, before preparing a vanilla dessert with boysenberries.


The crew returned later in the summer to film WaiWest's apple orchards and filmed pickers harvesting the Breeze and Sonia varieties which are popular in Asia.

Raine said Asia was an emerging market and it was a means to promote specific produce there.

Boysenberries were well known in Japan but not in other parts of Asia, he said.

Boysenberries are a cross between loganberries, raspberries and blackberries. Nelson grew more than half the world's production which was significant, said Raine.

"Nadia is a great chef and she can put across the food message so that it influences the customers to potentially use New Zealand products, particularly our berries and apples," he said.

The series has been filmed around the country from high country sheep farms to garlic farms in Marlborough

Lim ate raw mussels straight out of the sea, drank a cappuccino made with sheep's milk and picked tiny pinot noir grapes to put in a salad.

She said: "New Zealand produce is among the best in the world and it was such an honour to take the time to explore the range of produce in our country. People are becoming increasingly interested in how and where are food is grown and they want assurance it is has been produced full of taste and with care and nutritional integrity."

Producer Kari Hall said they went behind the scenes and it was reassuring to see just how open and transparent food production methods and how high standards were in New Zealand."

KM Media initially had a contract with the Asian Food Channel with the programme being shown in 11 countries in South East Asia, then sold the show to Sky's Food TV in New Zealand. Both broadcasters had bought its previous series, Cafe Secrets.

The series will start screening on Sky's Food TV on August 29.

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