Brighten up for spring

04:24, Aug 31 2012
fashion land

Wham bam! Spring has exploded with a hit of acidic colour, so be ready to stand out with outfits that scream in the streets - there is no hiding with one of this season's biggest trends.

Although you might think it is fashion directed at a younger generation, which some pieces may well be, if you follow some of New Zealand's most successful fashion designers who target the 30-plus years, you will realise it can be done tastefully without making the horrific mistakes of the past.

I remember slipping on my acid green, cotton knit, racer back dungarees, over my off-the-shoulder white body suit; my hair back tightly in a high ponytail with my psychedelic couture (well homemade) scrunchy; putting on my dark (Oakley rip-off ) sunglasses with the bright pink arms and last but not least my smile to expose my new highlighter, multi-coloured bracer rubberband surrounds.

Jane Daniels
LIGHT AND BRIGHT: New Zealand designer Jane Daniels is taking the loud and proud path this spring. All illustrations on this page are from her new collection.

There I was in all my gaudy glory, ready to cruise the local motor camp looking for some "townies" to flirt with. Man I thought I was the trendiest kid in Purau Bay - population 20. Now, we have all been subject to fashion faux-pas, it is how we find our own individual style.

However, as in life we must learn from our mistakes. Repeat after me: "I promise to never let those trends ever resurrect in my wardrobe; dungarees belong on toddlers not on adults; bodysuits are not made for long torsos and scrunchies are the halos of horror."

How do you wear this trend without looking like a Vegas neon sign? The answer is simple: it must be worn with neutral tones with just a pop of colour. For example a crisp white outfit with bright heels, a clutch or jewellery.


Don't have the same coloured heels and clutch - this is too "matchy matchy" (technical word).

If the bright colour is in your apparel then accessorise with neutral tones such as: black, white, nude or alternatively a metallic gold or silver when accessorising.

Hollywood fashionistas are mixing a multitude of hot pink, lemon, tangerine, turquoise and many more vibrant shades. This doesn't mean you have to be this elaborate on the streets of Nelson, but try out the colour blocking effect on clothes, shoes, handbags, statement-making necklaces, nail polish, vivid lip colours and other fashion accessories for a fun-edgy look.

Bright skinny jeans (along with pastel shades and print) are also all the rage for spring/summer 2012. So, bring a burst of colour to your wardrobe with some on-trend coloured jeans. Team them with neutral-toned blouses, jackets and blazers for a look that is fun.

The spring/summer fashion is all about bright colours and bold prints. So it's the right time to ditch the winter clothes and add some eye-popping neon colour to your wardrobe to welcome the fresh, spring sun and to "scream", loud and proud, in the streets of Nelson.