Fashion to flatter the fuller figure

03:35, Sep 14 2012
SLIMMING: The kimono sleeve is flattering to upper arms and bra-line. Outfit from TS14 Nelson.

What does a skinny girl know about dressing a fuller figure, I hear you say? You're right, I am not plus size, nor have I ever been.

However, I have designed a wedding dress for a plus size woman and fitted plus sized jeans so have seen first hand the specialist needs of garments for a fuller figure.

A vast variety of product is designed for this target market - it is great to see designers fulfilling the needs of all New Zealand women.

JOIN THE DOTS: Repetitive polka-dots over black. Outfit from TS14 Nelson.

To get an over all polished look, it always starts with the correct structural undergarments.

Now as a voluptuous figure usually comes with some va va voom in the breast department, these girls obviously need some great support.

By lifting your breasts into an ideal position this will help show off your waistline and bust to its fullest potential.


BE BOLD: Bright colour and bold prints are both "in". Outfit from Dames, Nelson, label Jacki Peters.

For support, choose Nancy Ganz designs from Foxy Lady Nelson. These designs lead the way with the latest figure moulding technology, with multitudes of different styles to choose from to wear with every outfit, all designed to flatten the unwanted bumps - giving a tighter, trimmer look to the torso, bum, hips and thighs.

Be sure to keep your garments simple. Pleats, ruffles, pockets and gathers all add unnecessary extra bulk to a woman's figure, so leave the flouncy to the more boyish figure type.

Today I have chosen some key trends of the new season that best suit a fuller figured female:

KIMONO SLEEVES: Bright tunic over white capri pants. Outfit from: Stacey and Faith, Richmond, label Lucabella.

Kimono sleeve

Casually known as the "bat wing" style. This is a perfect shape for a fuller figure as the trouble areas of the upper, under arm and back bra line are hidden.

This on-trend style is loose fitting and is so flattering. Choose dresses or tops - you will find plenty of them this season.

BOLD WITH TONE: Bold colours teamed with a black tone are in this season. Outfit from: Stacey and Faith, Richmond, label Lucabella. 

Wrap dresses

These can hide a multitude of figure flaws on just about any figure type. They draw the eye down and across, elongating the body and creating an hour glass silhouette.

Be sure to not get one that pulls across the bust and, with the lower half of the dress, you guessed it - opt for an A-line silhouette.

The A-line is the most flattering skirt shape on just about everyone. Make sure it just skims the hips and is not too wide at the hemline.

The most flattering hem length is just below the knee. This creates a longer leg. Alternatively, go for a full length if you feel more comfortable. Longer legged ladies can pull off the mid calf hemline.


One of the biggest trends of the season is prints - floral, geometric, polka dots and stripes are all in. If you are looking for a good print to incorporate into your wardrobe opt for smaller repetitive prints.

These can be very flattering on a plus size as they confuse the eye. A print dress looks great with a solid coloured cardi layered on top.

Bright colours teamed with a tone

Most people are aware that the colour black is an effective slimmer, but I think a little boring and for spring/ summer, you can wear colour in a flattering manner and this season has plenty of it.

Wear a solid tone teamed with a bright, bold colour such as: coral, pink, citrus yellow/green or orange.

This is very flattering look, allowing you choose your best assets and hide the bits that you don't want to show off.

For example choose a solid tone such as white, black or beige underneath then highlight your top half with a long, bright cascading cardi.

Alternatively, show off your bottom half with some of this season's colourful, capri trouser with the top half being a plain tone.

Or maybe keeping the outfit a solid, simple tone and expressing yourself with bright bold statement pieces such as handbags, shoes or jewellery. But I can't say this enough - don't match all accessories the same colour.

Statement jewellery

A fuller figure can really pull off statement jewellery. There are great large bold necklaces that can be worn with basic outfits that will create a statement with minimal effort with the rest of your outfit.

Shrouding your body in shapeless attire will not do your figure justice. Express your best assets by choosing great garments with fabulous, flattering silhouettes.