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Fashion with Justine Jamieson

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Wrist watches, though no longer vital, have still stood the test of time when it comes to a fashion accessory.

With the likes of cell phones now in everyone's pocket or handbag you would think watches would be a dying trend.

However, the wrist watch has come back in a big way in 2013 and with some of the latest technology, you may be using them for more than what you think over the coming years.

Celebrities are again wearing statement watches - maybe not all to extremes like Flava Flav (the 1980s rapper known for wearing actual clocks around his neck like medallions), but big and bold none-the-less.

Designers are now catering for the younger generation when it comes to the bright neon street/surf watches and all sorts of lolly colours are filling the cabinets of surf wear stores and retailers.

They have reported that it was one of their biggest sellers for Christmas gifts this year.

Another popular style other than bright is solid silver or gold plated with a large face.

These elaborate styles add a little swagger and shimmer to your outfit and seem to give the impression that they are expensive.

Some of them are but regardless of that, they do look extremely classy in classic styles.

With Valentine's Day looming these styles are a great gift for a loved one, especially for a guy. Males don't tend to wear a lot of accessories so the gift of a watch will be sure to surprise.

As a naïve technophobe, I was shocked to discover most watches are waterproof these days (even some of the fancier more elaborate watches); lots are solar powered; the odd one is touch screen and some can change the time automatically when travelling between time zones.

Technology has come a long way since the pocket watches of the 15th century, or even the last few years.

Some of the latest designs look like something from a scifi movie. Some have no actual hands but instead have swirled lights or dotted lights; some have a universal remote for turning down the tv, radio or pretty much any electronic device; also there are now a few Bluetooth devices that video call friends and show txts and see Facebook posts. All are set to become more popular over the coming years.

The problem is there are a lot of types of watches. You may need one for sports, one for casual wear and one for dress-up, maybe even one for work.

There are a lot of brands that produce beautiful and expensive watches, but most important, they're very luxurious.

If you want a watch with a little swagger and shimmer, there's no substitute for one that's gold. You can find a good one for as little as $100 from brands like Fossil, Timex, and Nixon.

Just handle it with extra care and steer clear of polishes.

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