Fritz and Maria's Beer Column


Double hoppy; we're happy

Five exciting, delicious, medal worthy New Zealand Double IPA's - all available in the local supermarket. We got so excited, we bought them all.

What does beer really taste like?

We've been reading a bit about taste lately and out of the five tastes (bitter, sweet, salt, sour and umami), bitter gets the strongest reaction.

Competition season

Homebrewers, have you ever entered your beer into a competition? You might wonder why you would bother when you just brew for yourself and your friends.

Vote for Nelson's best beer photo

Nelson's craft brewers are holding a photo competition to find a new cover shot for its beer trail brochure.

Brewing obsession may grow from kits

There's no shame in using kits or fancy machines to make homebrew. Just be warned that brewing might grow into an obsession.

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