Going Green

Villa Maria

The many joys of reuse shops

Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre has operated in Tahunanui since 1992. It is at the entry to the transfer station, and accepts and sells items that might otherwise go to landfill.

Food far too good to waste

Nineteen families in Nelson and Tasman were happy last week to receive a $50 grocery voucher as a reward for completing a kitchen diary, in which they recorded every single item of food and drink that they threw away for one whole week - a big task!

Human nature can't handle the oil truth

Some years ago I watched a television interview in which a pregnant smoker was asked if she was aware of the evidence that smoking during pregnancy could harm her unborn child. She answered that she didn't think smoking could harm her child.

Friendships grown in the garden

KIM MACDONALD - The Nelson Mail

Most changes that we make start in our own homes and then as we get more passionate about something it starts to affect other circles of influence in our lives.

Green home design has it all

Trust a guy who would rather be out gliding to build a house with walls that'll be maintenance free for 30 years.

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