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Villa Maria

Moonshine and balderdash

Under the full moon, the fragile blooms of my Camellia sasanqua ‘Plantation Pink' looked eerily surreal.

From twigs to flourishing flora



If the trees could talk . . .

Queen's Gardens comes to life with new app

If you ever fancied talking with trees, Light Nelson may be your big opportunity, although it might be a bit of a one-sided conversation.

Grassroots garden show blooms

Garden Marlborough is a truly grassroots event, dreamt up and organised by gardeners for gardeners.

No place like home

Rather than silver candelabras or fine furniture, some of my most treasured possessions include an heirloom crayfish pot and a bed of violets.

My survival kit comes from the soil

After the big earthquake struck on Saturday, devastating Christchurch, my thoughts eventually turned to my garden.

Sunshine sprouts the urge to plant

There's nothing like a good dose of vitamin D from the sun's rays to energise you, and when the sun shines, I always feel like planting things.

In your garden: June 25

Yams prove central to the plot

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