Real life reno': Location, location

Real life reno

The arrival of a new addition proves there are perks to living next door to the mother-in-law.

Chef makes move from Marlborough

New city bistro set to open next month

Alain Hauswirth

Alain Hauswirth, a main player in Marlborough's hospitality industry, is to open a bistro in Nelson's Morrison Square.

It's not just about books

Stories of wine, laughter and friendship

book club

KIM CHAMBERS - The Nelson Mail

Kim Chambers investigates the book club phenomenon and what really is discussed.

Where to find Nelson's best hot chocolate

hot chocolate

My trusty tasters - Miss 13-year-old, Master 11-year-old and husband (simply old) - have been on a quest to find the best hot chocolate in Nelson.

Real-life reno': Budget blues


What to do when the job tallies up to $150,000 and you only have $100,000? Get 'frugnomical' on it.

The logging effect: Timing crucial

 World of WearableArt judges


When degraded rivers are mentioned, the impact of plantation forestry is often part of the conversation. Is the criticism justified?

Mullet's back, say top hair stylists

Dan Sutherland

Hairdressers are predicting a comeback of the "groovy mullet" after a top of the South Island hairdressing competition.

Let there be light

 Greg Shaw

With the return of Light Nelson just a few days away, Naomi Arnold shines the spotlight on the phenomenon.

For the record ... now the music's over

 Greg Shaw

Nick Ward looks back on four decades of music and memories as iconic Nelson record store Everyman shuts up shop.

From twigs to flourishing flora

 Kevin Judd



Food far too good to waste

Nineteen families in Nelson and Tasman were happy last week to receive a $50 grocery voucher as a reward for completing a kitchen diary, in which they recorded every single item of food and drink that they threw away for one whole week - a big task!

Human nature can't handle the oil truth

Some years ago I watched a television interview in which a pregnant smoker was asked if she was aware of the evidence that smoking during pregnancy could harm her unborn child. She answered that she didn't think smoking could harm her child.

Low-alcohol wine can lower nasty after effects

Anyone who enjoys a little too much wine occasionally will have experienced the nasty after effects of too much alcohol and for people who enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol regularly the effects are more subtle, particularly around the waistline.

Heaphy heaven

 Kevin Judd

SARNIM DEAN - The Marlborough Express

Keen mountainbiker Sarnim Dean tackles the Heaphy Track with a group of friends.

Searching for treasure these July holidays

Taokas Wisdom

There are hundreds of geocaches to be found in and around Nelson, so there is bound to be one close to home.

If the trees could talk . . .

Queen's Gardens comes to life with new app

Mark Carney

If you ever fancied talking with trees, Light Nelson may be your big opportunity, although it might be a bit of a one-sided conversation.

Broods on the bridge to stardom


Two former Garin College students are making waves worldwide as Broods. Naomi Arnold meets the rising stars.

Real-life reno': And so it begins

Street view: The house and some of its 8 off-street parks - if only they had a caravan.

Meet Adam Hicks, who is renovating his 'big blue house' in Nelson but under a seriously tight budget ...

The many joys of reuse shops

Villa Maria

Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre has operated in Tahunanui since 1992. It is at the entry to the transfer station, and accepts and sells items that might otherwise go to landfill.

Moonshine and balderdash

Villa Maria

Under the full moon, the fragile blooms of my Camellia sasanqua ‘Plantation Pink' looked eerily surreal.

Nelsonians dining out more often

People are going out a little more often but not spending up large, says owner of Harry's Bar.

Science meets art at Light Nelson

Life in the Luminarium

Jacquetta Bell talks to one of the prime drivers behind next month's Light Nelson project.

Passion for the brew may grow from kits

beer awards

There's no shame in using kits or fancy machines to make homebrew. Just be warned that brewing might grow into an obsession.

There's no taste like home

beer awards


After six weeks overseas, I thought about what tastes I would want when I got home and this is what I came up with.

Grassroots garden show blooms

beer awards

Garden Marlborough is a truly grassroots event, dreamt up and organised by gardeners for gardeners.

Chef creates gourmet game from kills

Restaurant serves up freshly shot birds

Grant Dicker

A Nelson chef is offering patrons to bring in their own game bird kill and have it transformed into a gourmet dish.

New beginning for former rest home

Casey Eden

How has Tracey Walker navigated the Joan Whiting Rest Home's transformation into a luxury resort? Naomi Arnold reports.

A legendary rebuild

Casey Eden

Alan Clarke attends the unveiling of a very special car restoration project: the car Bruce McLaren learnt to drive in.

Land of hops and honey

John Duncan, Callum, Matt

OPINION: Nelson is my home, and the craft beer capital of the country. Put two and two together.

Mad about fundraising


NEIL HODGSON - The Nelson Mail

If you are a follower of this column you will know that each year my partner and I help organise a fundraising dinner and auction for the Suter Art Gallery.

No place like home


Rather than silver candelabras or fine furniture, some of my most treasured possessions include an heirloom crayfish pot and a bed of violets.

Search for that magical food-wine match


NEIL HODGSON - The Nelson Mail

Probably the most frequent question I am asked is "what wine should I have with xyz food ?"

Creative minds fill food gap


How soon could you double the current food production from your home garden?

Friendships grown in the garden


KIM MACDONALD - The Nelson Mail

Most changes that we make start in our own homes and then as we get more passionate about something it starts to affect other circles of influence in our lives.

Creativity rules at Up the Garden Path


Behind the adobe style wall on the corner of High and Courtney streets lies one of Motueka's favourite destinations, Up the Garden Path Cafe and Gallery.

What's hammering our walnuts?


It's that time of year again. My hands are covered with telltale stains, the incriminating proof of walnut gathering.

Fine dining at Blue Plate Oysterette


As the name of the restaurant suggests, oysters are central to the experience.

Apprentice turns master brewer


For a long time, 8 Wired Brewing and Søren Eriksen were synonymous.

A cool blast from the past

cole pear

Unfortunately, my little winter cole pear tree lost three-quarters of the crop in the recent storms.

A weekend in wine country

cole pear

Nelson wine columnist Neil Hodgson spends a long weekend in Marlborough enjoying the wine and food the region has to offer.

Spaceship home is out of this world

spaceship house

A novel flying saucer-shaped home in Nelson's Port Hills has attracted astronomical interest as visitors flocked to its first open day.

Eating on the street

Globetrotting chef shares signature dish

fallen redwood tree

Most of the food carts in Nelson are run by enthusiastic foodies but there is one cart in particular, Streat Kitchen, where the chef has an illustrious past.

Look after our oldest friends

fallen redwood tree

It's time to talk about the elephant in the room - the protected trees that went belly-up in the recent storm.

Helping hands make sure hope grows

Syrian children

Today, as we remember those who fought and died to give us the luxury of freedom and a place to call home, more than two million Syrian refugees are simply waiting for a life.

Long and wining road leads to Black Estate

Syrian children

Black Estate's location at the northern end of Waipara makes it a great place to stop for lunch if you are travelling to Christchurch.

Green home design has it all

Syrian children

Trust a guy who would rather be out gliding to build a house with walls that'll be maintenance free for 30 years.

The economics of solar power

Solar power (PV) technology and pricing has come a long way in recent years. Efficiency levels of solar PV panels continue to rise and the price of installed systems has decreased by 60 per cent since 2011.

Relish chef shares signature recipe

Stuart Cliffin

Stuart Cliffin, chef at popular waterfront restaurant Relish, takes us through the creation of one of his signature desserts.

Whisky and beer can pair well


Although the proverbial pint and a whisky chaser have been around as long as there have been barkeeps to serve them, pairing whisky and beer is relatively new in New Zealand.

Swiss input to a very Kiwi vineyard

Kina Beach Vineyard.

The boutique Kina Beach Vineyard is owned by a couple who live in Zurich and visit their piece of paradise in Nelson "not as often as we would like".
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