Hard times and healing

Sunnybank 50th anniversary reunion

For some, former Nelson Catholic boys' school Sunnybank was a place of loneliness and horrors. Hinemoana Baker visited the school with her father, and is turning his ghastly memories into poetry.

Time to restore order

 Jake Mirfin

ZANE MIRFIN - The Nelson Mail

Having your sports gear in good condition pays big dividends.

School of hard knocks

Paul O’Regan

Head injuries to sportspeople are being tightly managed in professional sports - but what is the situation at the grassroots level? Jonathan McKeown reports.

Nelson nurses blazed a trail

Paul O’Regan

It's International Nurses Day today - which doubles as Florence Nightingale's birthday. The following is taken from a profile on Annette Milligan in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.

Wise Aussie anglers save best till last

Craig Henderson and Mark Parker

When April 30 rolls around each year it's almost a relief that another trout fishing season is over.

Lonely battle with Tourette's

Renee Harvey

Ahead of the first-ever Camp Twitch for people with Tourette syndrome, Naomi Arnold meets a solo mum who refuses to fake who she is.

Love of politics still fuels Goff

Phil Goff

Despite relinquishing the Labour Party's leadership in 2011, Phil Goff tells Bill Moore that there's nothing like politics and he has no intention of giving up.

Site-seeing solidifies respect for Anzacs

Nelson police

While in Turkey last year, a feeling of obligation drew Stacey Knott to Gallipoli, an area immortalised in history books, dawn services and red poppies on lapels.

Cast away your worries

Nelson police

A weekend retreat at a luxury lodge near Murchison was a chance for a group of women to live it up and learn a new skill.

A calming influence

Nelson's police negotiators are all talk

Nelson police

Police negotiators require strong nerves and plenty of empathy as they try to talk down people threatening to harm themselves or others. Naomi Arnold reports.

Taking sides for the great barra quest

Sir Michael Hill

Part two of Zane’s fishing adventures in remote Queensland waters.

Of faith, fishes and fate

Sir Michael Hill

For more than 10 years wildlife crusader Danny Boulton has been involved in a private struggle against cancer. In frank interviews with Bill Moore, he explained what has driven his efforts.

Down on the ice


A Nelson man has returned from Antarctica with new convictions about the value of ice science in unlocking the secrets of climate change.

Animal matters

Gary McManaway and Tony Fyfe

American zoologist and new Natureland co-owner has realised her dream of running an animal sanctuary, writes Tracy Neal.

Central-city living beckons

Nelson for lease

Plans to get the heart of Nelson beating again could involve turning empty offices into inner-city homes.

Indian op to solve weight loss woes

 Annette Taylor

A lifelong quest to lose weight has led one Nelson woman to have bariatric surgery in New Delhi.

Cancer battler keeps smiling

 Annette Taylor

Stacey Knott talks with Annette Taylor , named this week as Nelson's Most Wonderful Woman.

Culture key to Falcons' success



They fell at the last hurdle but football's Falcons still had a mighty season as Jonathan McKeown reports.

Exploring inner space in Middle Earth

stag emblem


The first question many would ask of the country's leading cavers is, "Why?" Alastair Paulin reports.

Another page turns

stag emblem


The booksellers behind Page & Blackmore represent more than 150 years of Nelson's literary history, but they are set to move on to another chapter when their iconic store is sold.

A weekend out searching

Sherp Tucker


Land Search and Rescue has just started brand-new induction courses for newbie volunteers. Naomi Arnold and Alden Williams sign up for the weekend.

Nelson's place in the sun

sunshine graphic

As summer begins to fade, Alan Clarke takes a peek at our 'sunshine capital' reputation.

Special friendships spawned on the river

Mark Manson

Fishing is supposed to be fun and you should always appreciate the good times you have with valued family, friends, and customers.

Home, sweet home

Brook residents face fight for campground

Mark Manson

With the city council seeking submissions on its bombshell proposal to close Brook Valley Holiday Park and force permanent residents out, Bill Moore and Marion van Dijk called on four of them in their homes.

The charge of the library brigade



Nelson writer Janet Hart puts in some quality time at the Elma Turner Library.

Heart of the arts silenced

Curtain finally falls on iconic arts venue



The New St building with the striking mosaic on the front was at the hub of many Nelson teenagers' lives until its closure last year. With demolition set to begin on Monday, Stacey Knott revisits an old stomping ground

Cuts leave Murchison in suspense


The TDC is cutting tourism funding, worrying Murchison locals who depend on travellers for their livelihood. Naomi Arnold reports.

A passion for health



Naomi Arnold visits a Collingwood business spreading its Golden Bay roots around the world.

The search for fish never ends

tarakohe map


Over the years I've made some amazing fishing discoveries and also found some real dogs.

Playing the next note

tarakohe map


Richard Nunns is scaling down his public performances after three remarkable decades at the forefront of a Maori music revival. Naomi Arnold reports.

Port caught in a storm

tarakohe map

Port Tarakohe's fifth development plan could be the last chance to get it right. Helen Murdoch reports.

Back Beach blues

Time and tide take toll on Tahunanui

Erosion on Tahunanui's Back Beach


The shifting sands at Tahunanui Beach are again prompting calls for the council to tackle nature head-on. Naomi Arnold investigates.

Hunting the alpine tops - a summer hunting tale



The silence was almost deafening as we set about erecting our tent on the beautiful alpine meadow before heading off hunting.

Heaven on two wheels

sven martin strap


International mountainbiking gurus Sven and Anka Martin now call Hira home. Naomi Arnold reports.

Craft brew capital

Dick Tout

Is Nelson really NZ's Craft Brewing Capital? What does that mean anyway? Fritz Kuckuck and Maria Grau investigate.

A very oppy Christmas

Treasures unearthed in city's op shops

Carpet sharks

As glassy-eyed shoppers begin the last-minute Christmas dash, Nelson Mail columnist Ro Cambridge checks out an alternative to the main street frenzy.

Treasured Maitai deserves respect

Maitai River brown trout


The Maitai has always been an iconic provincial treasure but the sad state of the river has drained much of the magic from the catchment.

Two-wheeled adventures in Nelson

Coastal cruise on the Great Taste Trail

Great Taste Trail

As reporter Naomi Arnold and photographer Alden Williams discover on a two-day trip on the Great Taste Trail, leisure cycling's popular for a lot of good reasons.

Diving into darkness

Riwaka Resurgence


Fifty years ago five Nelson men dived into the unknown at the Riwaka Resurgence. Naomi Arnold reports.

Creativity showcased on every page

25 years of WOW celebrated in new book

Wearable Art


For those prone to take what we have for granted, a new book, simply titled Wearable Art, offers reaffirmation of just how big the Nelson-born WOW phenomenon is.

Doing her Thing, New York-style

toy run


Naomi Arnold meets Bridie Picot, a New York-based Nelsonian who is thinking big about small spaces.

Aviation's key role in Nelson history

Kate Davidson and Sasha Borissenko


A definitive history Nelson aviation is released this month, coinciding with Nelson Airport's 75th anniversary. Naomi Arnold meets the keen plane buffs behind it.

Half a century of getting the news out

readers gallery


Few people can reflect on 58 years in the same industry. The Nelson Mail's durable George McKenzie tells Warren Gamble how newspapers have evolved.

The jewel on the hill

Fairfield House's history recounted by saviour

readers gallery

A stroke and motor neuron disease have not stopped Alan Stanton from writing a book about Fairfield House's 34-year refurbishment.

Old warhorse leading the charge

rachel reese

Winston Peters is one of NZ's great political survivors and he's not done yet, he told Bill Moore on a recent visit to Nelson.

The making of a mayor

Reese's all-or-nothing bid for top job pays off

rachel reese


The porcelain veneer of Nelson's new mayor hides the cracks of a recently fought tough campaign which was an all-or-nothing bout for the red chair of power, writes Tracy Neal.

Guiding light

Phurenje Sherpa


Gerard Hindmarsh talks to Phurenje Sherpa about his love of the mountains, his Nelson connection, and his role in new movie Beyond the Edge.

Collective achievement

Bridge St Collective

Nelson co-working space Bridge St Collective has developed a strong community but it has yet to break even. Adam Roberts takes a look.

Catcher on the fly

Maling fishing


One night I asked Aimee what she thought my passion in life was. Aimee just started laughing and told me "fishing and fly tying".

How green is Nelson?

Could Nelson become the greenest region in the country? And how would we do it? We picked the brains of some of our community leaders.
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