Grey Power stands up for woodburners

Nelson Grey Power is calling out the troops for a last-ditch stand in its battle for significant change to the Nelson City Council's rules on woodburners.

President Neville Male hopes a solid turnout of people opposed to what he calls the "highly selective and unfair" regulations will send a strong message to a council meeting set to discuss the issue at 9 on Thursday morning.

"There is a strong vibe suggesting that the council committee will not support the uplifting of the ban, and will instead hide behind extreme Ministry for the Environment requirements and unsubstantiated health claims.

"It is time to record your support for the ban to be lifted and if you can attend the council meeting, better still," Male said yesterday.

He said a petition was available for people on the petitions table at the Nelson Public Library and at the Nelson Grey Power Office in Putaitai St, Stoke.

He says the council decision is a critical one, and urges people concerned about the issue to sign the petition by Wednesday so it can be presented to the council meeting.

Male said staff recommendations on the regulations have shown "little sympathy to the plight of ratepayers shivering in their homes during a Nelson winter".

The Nelson Mail