Smoke alarms save the day

Several people were evacuated from a house in Nile St, Nelson early yesterday morning as a fire threatened to take hold in the kitchen.

Senior station officer Craig Davies of the Nelson Fire Service said it appeared that the dishwasher caught fire. The blaze was within minutes of taking hold in the kitchen, but a granite benchtop helped to contain it.

Davies said smoke alarms in the house played a critical part in alerting the occupants to the fire and the "very toxic" smoke about 3.30am.

"Smoke alarms notified them, they all evacuated and called 111.

"The kitchen was hardly damaged because of the granite benchtop that contained a lot of heat and flames, but the smoke alarms were a priority - they saved the day."

Davies said the young occupants handled the situation well by making sure everyone got outside.

"It was very close to becoming a bigger problem - another three or four minutes and the whole kitchen would have been alight. But they did everything right.

"We've no idea how the dishwasher caught fire, but we've passed on the details to the energy safety service to investigate, to see if there have been any other dishwashers of the same make that have had similar problems."

The Nelson Mail