Man jailed for 'prolonged violence'

A man who headbutted his partner has been sent to prison for two years and two months.

Peri Alekna, 52, was sentenced in Nelson District Court on a charge of grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard, assaulting a female and threatening to kill his partner of eight years.

Judge Tony Zohrab said in December 2007, the pair set out to purchase an engagement ring when an argument erupted over a text message and Alekna headbutted her.

She suffered two dead teeth and a broken nose that required re-constructive surgery. In January 2008, the pair were in bed when Alekna pushed the victim out of the bed, causing the victim's arm to get stuck between the bed and the bedside cabinet.

The victim broke her shoulder and could not work for 5 months. She had a limited amount of movement in her arm for about five years, he said.

The last incident happened when the relationship was over, but the pair were in the car ready to walk their dog in 2012. Alekna told the victim to get out of the car.

The victim said she could not while it was still moving. He threatened to kill her.

Crown prosecutor Emma Riddell said it was a case of prolonged domestic violence. She did not accept Alekna was remorseful.

Defence counsel Michael Vesty said the events were isolated and there was nothing exceptional about the case.

Alekna wanted to put the events behind him as soon as possible and was remorseful. He had made significant, positive changes to his life.

Judge Zohrab said there was no question that Alekna's actions caused physical, emotional and financial harm and suffering to the victim.

Details of the relationship made for pretty grim reading, he said.

The victim had a protection order in place but she was still fearful she would see Alekna again. He jailed Alekna for two years and two months.

The Nelson Mail