Barlow ranking lifts

00:38, May 26 2014

Nelson Green Party candidate Aaryn Barlow has improved from 30th to 24th on the party's list for the coming election but has had to accept that he isn't likely to enter Parliament.

Barlow was 18th on the 2011 list, his first time as a candidate, and got demoted to 30th when this year's initial list was released.

The Green Party forms its candidate list in two stages.

The initial list is voted on by electorate delegates and candidates and is then given to the party membership for final voting.

After a strong performance in 2011, Barlow's big drop on the provisional list was a surprise to him and many Nelson Greens.

He said he had been "quietly confident" of a list placing that would get him into Parliament but after the final rankings were released yesterday, he knew this was now unlikely.


The Greens, with 14 MPs, are sitting at around 11 per cent support in the latest polls, about the same as their 2011 result.

They would require 20 per cent for Barlow to become an MP.

"After my initial big drop on the list I reassessed my options," he said.

He had left his job with the Nelson Environment Centre and was working for Nelson-based Solar Electric Technology, heading a commercial development programme aimed at businesses, farms and vineyards. "I'm loving it and it's a great fit with the Greens' strong support for solar and green-tech business."

Despite his disappointing final ranking he was 100 per cent committed to getting "the first progressive government in a generation" and to increasing the party vote in Nelson to more than 20 per cent, Barlow said.

It polled 16 per cent in 2011, up from 9 per cent in 2008, providing the sixth-best electorate result for the Greens.

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