Changes coming to Nelson Mail website

In the coming days you will likely notice changes to the Nelson Mail section of

We have spent some time looking at what you read, how you read it and when and, on the whole, you are getting your biggest news fix from our Nelson Mail section landing page and then the main subsections - news and sport.

You are also keen on a mix of lifestyle and entertainment content, but not necessarily in different places - as has been the case till now.

We are going to simplify the site so the landing page is more alive with content that may have been buried too deep for you to see or easily navigate to in the past.

We will also be removing some sections that are double ups of content from elsewhere on the Stuff platform.

What does that mean, practically? A bit of work for us but hopefully an improved experience for you.

The section known till now as Features will become Lifestyle and Entertainment; Sport will not have rugby and college sport offshoots - it will all be part of the Sport landing page; business-related stories will be found in the News section and Opinion will no longer have separate columnists and editorial sub sections.

It should mean it is easier for you to locate all Nelson and the wider region's news quickly.

If you wish to provide feedback leave us a comment in the field below.

Thanks so much for reading.

Paul McIntyre, Editor, Nelson Mail and Glen Scanlon, Editor,