Barlow's dumping 'extreme'

04:59, Jun 04 2014

Aaryn Barlow's dumping as the Green Party's Nelson candidate "seems like an over-reaction", former party stalwart Mike Ward said today.

Ward, who contested a string of elections for the Greens in Nelson until 2008, and was a list MP from 2002 to 2005, said he didn't know Barlow well but could imagine how "extraordinarily disappointed" he would be.

"As a former many-time candidate, I can't remember anything like it. I know nothing about the case but it would seem that there are other ways of resolving it. That seemed a little extreme."

Barlow, who stood in Nelson for the first time in 2011, resigned as the Greens' candidate last weekend after being asked to do so by the party hierarchy.

He told the Nelson Mail he had left his job at the Nelson Environment Centre a month ago, after deciding that he couldn't work with an energy project partner he had found to be "unprofessional and unethical". "I tried to end the relationship with that company, but I didn't do it very well. I ended up resigning over it."

The resignation related to information-sharing with a third party, he said.


After learning of it, the Green Party asked him to step down as its candidate, leaving him feeling "gutted".

Ward, a Nelson city councillor, said he thought Barlow was a good candidate. "He always seems a very genuine and nice lad. I was surprised he wasn't higher up the list . . ."

Nelson Green Party convenor Carl Horn said he couldn't comment on Barlow's dumping. "We're very disappointed it's happened. Now we have to go and find another candidate."

Nelson Environment Centre general manager Bruce Gilkison also said he couldn't comment, but there would be no further action in relation to Barlow's departure. Barlow, who was the centre's energy project manager for three years, now works with Solar Electric Technology.

The Nelson Mail