Lesson in germs behind fun crusade

00:58, Jun 04 2014
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HANDS ON: Hannah Schroder, left, and Keighley Grants show their glitter hands, representing sneeze droplets, while Josh Bradley and Luke Robinson demonstrate how to sneeze safely.

Trap it! Bin it! Wash it!

That was the lesson pupils at Brightwater School learnt yesterday in an effort to reduce the spread of flu this winter.

Teacher Sandra Barrett introduced the lesson by getting her year 3 and 4 pupils to spray water bottles across the class to demonstrate how a sneeze was able to spread as far as the back row.

Pupils also spread glitter on their hands before shaking hands with their classmates to show how sneeze-borne germs can spread easily.

They answered questions on the importance of washing hands and using sanitiser when you are sick or sneezing.

Asked what should be done if you saw somebody being unhygienic, Hannah Schrodger, 8, said: "I would say ‘go wash your hands'. Because if you touched someone else's hands you might get bugs."


The initiative, part of the Kleenex SneezeSafe campaign, is now in its tenth year.

SneezeSafe teaching material offered to teachers as part of the campaign includes posters and boxes of tissues for the pupils.

The Kiwi initiative, which works in with the New Zealand health curriculum, has inspired both Australian and British education systems to tackle sneeze safety over the winter season.

Organisers of the campaign are hoping to see it go full circle with participants teaching SneezeSafe to their children in the future.

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