All things Italian on the menu

00:58, Jun 05 2014
Sonny Alesana
IN THE GROOVE: Volunteer Hilary Black at the Italian lunch for Stoke seniors on Wednesday at Stoke Seniors Hall.

Red, white and green were the colours decking out Stoke Seniors Hall as they celebrated the Italian national republic day.

Stoke seniors made way for Queen's Birthday Weekend, unconventionally moving celebrations from the Italian June 2 date to yesterday.

Seniors club members were treated to a meal of minestrone soup, mini pizzas and trifle before a performance from Nelson music group Tagliatelli.

The meal was also an opportunity to welcome a new cook, Helen Grant, to the group, who did her share of Italian research in preparation for the event.

"She spent all night ploughing through the internet," said co-ordinator Anne Spear.

Stoke seniors member Sylvia Winter, who attends meals twice a week, said she enjoyed her meal.

"It's beautiful. Everything was good, I can't wish for a better meal."

Four volunteers helped to set up the hall and decorate it with balloons. One volunteer, Hilary Black, sported a pair of bright green sunglasses she had borrowed. She said the club provided a cupboard of costumes for those wanting to dress up.

The club has run Italian food days for at least five years as part of the three weekly meals it provides. Previously it has run French, Spanish and Irish events.Next Thursday the club will have a 50s and 60s mid-winter dinner.


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