Oliver's aiming for the stars

01:04, Jun 06 2014
Oliver Sircombe-Kohen
AMBITIOUS: Nayland College student Oliver Sircombe-Kohen has been selected to travel to Jerusalem for a science conference.

Science is taking student Oliver Sircombe-Kohen around the world, but his sights are set even higher.

Oliver is one of five New Zealand pupils invited to attend the World Science Conference in Jerusalem in August.

After unsuccessfully applying for other science conferences, the year 13 Nayland College student was surprised to find he had been accepted for the event in Israel because he had not applied.

At the conference, 20 Nobel laureates will deliver lectures on subjects ranging from current developments in the scientific world to the future of mankind.

Oliver says he is looking forward to meeting with other students with similar interests to his, and seeing Israel.

There are no tuition costs for the conference and 80 per cent of Oliver's airfares are funded.


As well as taking him overseas, Oliver's scientific prowess had seen him studying year 12 science in his junior years.

He plans to study astrophysics or particle physics at university but has greater aspirations for the future.

"CERN (the Swiss-based European Organisation for Nuclear Research) would be a dream."

Oliver has been studying French in case the situation arises.

Hamish McLellan, head of science at Nayland College, said its accelerant programme had given Oliver more of a chance to branch out by taking higher level subjects earlier on.

"We tend to have a more well rounded programme," McLellan said.

Oliver studies biology, chemistry and physics all at level three NCEA and has won awards in the science field. He likes taekwondo and Mandarin and studies stage one mathematics extramurally at the University of Canterbury.

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