Warehouse thief walked out with TV

A man who walked out of The Warehouse with a 31-inch TV and speakers in the hope of selling them to pay for food for his children has been convicted on two charges.

Justin Paul Thornicroft admitted shoplifting and wilful trespass when he appeared in the Nelson District Court.

Prosecutor Sergeant Graeme Eden told the court that Thornicroft had been served with a trespass notice to the Blenheim, Motueka and Nelson Warehouses as of December 3 last year.

On May 24, Thornicroft put a television and a set of speakers into a trolley at the Nelson Warehouse.

He then walked out of the shop without paying for the items, valued at $470.99.

On May 4, Thornicroft was in the Trafalgar St Countdown where he placed items to the value of $6.75 in a trolley and walked out of the shop without paying.

He walked over to the Nelson Library and hid there until he was located by police.

He explained to police that in both instances the stealing was prompted by poverty. Thornicroft said he wanted to sell the TV and speakers for money to pay for food for his three children.

Defence lawyer Dave Holloway said Thornicroft stole the items because he had financial problems.

Thornicroft was convicted and will be sentenced on July 22.

The Nelson Mail