Unwanted goods recycled

01:00, Jun 16 2014
sam munro
OLD GOLD: Sam Munro, 9, of Westbrook Terrace sorts gear under the watchful eye of dad Gordon during Secondhand Sunday.

Armed with maps and the adage one person's trash is another's treasure, hunters took to the streets of Nelson, Stoke and Richmond yesterday in the region's first Secondhand Sunday.

Households taking part put their unwanted goods outside their homes for people to rummage through and take what they wanted, at no cost.

Organised by the Nelson city and Tasman district councils, this was the launch of the free recycling scheme.

The councils listed houses taking part and supplied a map which hunters could take with them. More than 100 houses registered through the region.

The scheme was trialled to see if it was a practical way for people to pass on items that would otherwise end up going to landfill.

Justin Keeling spent the morning hunting for goods with his wife and baby.


They visited houses in the Nelson city area, including the Wood and the Brook. They visited about 10 houses and picked up paintings and toys along the way. He said the map was useful and the scheme "a really good idea".

Westbrook Terrace residents Gordon Munro and his son Sam, 8, also took part in the scheme.

"I didn't pick anything up in the end, but did get rid of some computer gear, an old PC, printers, and things we had no use for any more," Munro said.

He said they had about four banana boxes worth of things to get rid off, including Sam's old clothes, which was not enough to hold a garage sale.

"We recently moved back from Wellington and had stuff we brought with us we didn't use.

"It wasn't worth putting the stuff on Trade Me and I didn't want to see it going to the tip."

Munro said there was a steady stream of people coming to pour through the freebees throughout the morning.

"We had quite a few from 9 until 1.30pm, a constant stream of people. One every 3-4 minutes. The guy who picked up the PC was pretty pleased."

Munro said he would be happy to take part in the scheme again in the future, though he and Sam went for a drive to see what else was on offer through Nelson but came home empty-handed.

Tasman District Council communications adviser Chris Choat said the council would need to assess how the scheme went before it committed to organising it again, but early indications showed it was quite popular.

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