Bard course offers shot at London trip

01:00, Jun 16 2014
jake danson, sean young
ONWARD: Nelson College's Jake Danson, left, and Sean Young are going to Dunedin for a Shakespeare production and a potential scholarship to the Globe Theatre in London.

Taking on two Shakespearean roles in one performance gave Sean Young the edge for a shot at the Globe Theatre in London.

Sean, 17, has been selected along with fellow Nelson College pupil Jake Danson to attend the week-long intensive course in Dunedin and try out for a chance to perform at the Globe.

He will work alongside 24 regional winners and 24 national winners to put together a performance. Of the 48 pupils attending, only half are then selected to go to London.

Sean gained direct entry to the Dunedin course after competing in the Nelson Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival.

His initial intention was to just play Othello for the festival but he had to think smart when one of the cast members pulled out.

"It's a kind of a modern piece where I play Othello and Iago at the same time," he said.


Jake took out the outstanding student direction award at the national festival in Wellington this month for his King Lear piece to book his Dunedin place.

He said it took a couple of days for him to grasp that he could possibly be going to London too.

Nelson College drama teacher Luke Walton said he was impressed with Jake's performance.

"In a way it showed me how dynamic he could be. Jake was just the man, ripping people's eyes out."

Walton said the Dunedin programme was very intensive as the students had only one week to learn their lines and would not be told their characters before the event.

He said the boys were able to apply for funding from the school for the trip and if they make it to London they could receive a board of trustees medallion from the school, one of the school's highest awards.

Last year students who were accepted onto the London trip had the opportunity to meet actors such as Billy Boyd and Ewan McGregor.

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