Fun day to help orphans

01:00, Jun 16 2014
BEADS GALORE: Nelson sisters Emer Ruane, 8, and Keara Ruane, 6, sell their handmade bracelets during the Fun For Thought celebration, a fundraising day for Cambodian orphanages.

A first-time fundraiser in Nelson has proved to be a wonderful success.

The Fun for Thought celebration at Branford Park yesterday raised $460 for the Centre for Children's Happiness orphanages in Cambodia.

Central School children have now raised $1700 for the orphanages.

Teacher Tracy Watkin, who taught in Cambodia, has organised an annual Food for Thought day when pupils eat what the orphans usually eat, rice and vegetables, and are sponsored.

Parent June Fallen thought it would be good to follow up with a family fundraising event and her son Oliver, 8, suggested backyard cricket.

The idea snowballed into a community event at the park yesterday that included outdoor activities and some innovative fundraising ventures from the children.


Emer Ruane, 8, made more than 20 bracelets with help from her sister Keara, 6, and sold them from a stall.

Their mother Susannah, who ran a cake stall, said the girls enjoyed being part of the day and were happy to make and sell the bracelets with the proceeds going to the orphanages.

Dan Turinsky, 6, engineered a Lego machine that dispensed sweets for a $1 a go, raising $49, and Oliver Fallen's paper planes were a hit.

Children also delighted in having a go with a water-propelled rocket, jumping on donated bouncy castles and playing sumo wrestlers.

June Fallen said: "I've never run anything like this before, it was kind of an accident.

"I didn't want it to be commercial, I just wanted a community family fun thing to help the orphanages and it was fun. We'll definitely try to do it every year."

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